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Latin America

One of the regions that has seen an uptick in travelers from the United States is Latin America. It seems all signs point to now being the perfect time to plan a trip to the region.

Thematic Trips

We have something for everyone. Instead of trying to see the typical sights, plan your next trip around a specific theme and add some adventure to it!

Tailored Trips

Tailor-made itineraries designed for individual travelers, families, or a small group. We can arrange an itinerary around your interests, dates, and special requests. Our trips include private guides and drivers, unique accommodations, and exclusive experiences.

Our most requested destinations:

 A fantastic destination awaits

Have a glass of wine at the mountainous vineyards of Mendoza, dance tango in cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, or hike on top of a massive glacier in Patagonia. Are you ready to experience Argentina?

It truly has it all

Snow-covered Andean peaks, dense Amazonian rainforests, incredible beaches on two different oceans, and so much more. Fill your soul with culture, exotic wildlife, and the fragrance of the finest coffee.

Exotic locale in Central America

Allow your senses to discover perfect tropical bliss. With abundant biodiversity, world-class beaches, rich culture, and an indigenous population visit this dynamic country one of the best snorkeling sites in the world.

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Travel Planners

We are global citizens passionate about our planet, and its vast amounts of cultural and natural wealth. If you are reading this, you probably share in our passion for travel and exploration. We are three women with one mission: to help you discover some of the best-known destinations and lesser-known treasures in Argentina, Colombia, and Panama. We are from these regions and know them intimately. What matters most to us is the unforgettable experiences you will encounter.



"The fascination of traveling, of discovering, is unpredictable. The world is beautiful, magical, perfect - as it is the creation of God - amazing. And we want to go there, we want to reach those places where the heart beats harder, where the breathing seems to be contained, where the soul widens". 



"I am so proud to be one of the three women who integrate Live and Travel. Our site and travel destinations combine all the flavours, personal touch and contact I have always searched in my travels".



“During my travels, I enjoy getting to know new places and meeting new people. Also, I find appealing the fact that I could visit the same place more than once under a different perspective, and always discover something new”.

Live and Travel

Life is short, enjoy it to the fullest!

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